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    Auto spare parts leader German manufacturer, providing more than 120 countries with its’ products. Catalogue accounts for more than 23 000 unique modes of spare parts.

    MEYLE -manufactures top quality spare parts for well known passenger and commercial car brands such as: Alfa-Romeo, IVECO, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Doodge, FIAT, Ford, Saab, MAN, SEAT, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, VolksWagen and etc.

    Important fact is that most spare parts by MEYLE are designed the way that they are not only the same durability as original spare parts, but often even last longer.



    Danish company NISSENS started operating back in 1921. Today, company represented on market as one of the leader manufacturers of engine cooling systems. Other than engine radiators, company is manufacturing all radiators required for automobile cooling/heating. NISSENS offers more than 10 000 models for passenger and commercial cars, that are manufactured on 13 plants.

    Each and every product, before getting to customer, undergoes special tests which enable to exclude any factory faults. Product portfolio of the company is able to fit both newest and not so recent car models. Interesting fact is that some radiators for Ford Motors Company are made by NISSENS.

    Wide product line and experience are the two factors that empower success of the NISSENS company.



    American company DAYCO is a leader of international engine parts and belts market. It is known to global market since 1905.

    DAYCOs’ products are popular across the globe an in Georgia too. For manufacturing of products only top quality materials are used, that is why belts and belt tensioners are described with durability and reliability. DAYCO is making products assuring, comfortable transportation and progress.




    Company started operations in 1992 , despite relatively short history, it could establish own self as reliable and qualified spare parts manufacturer.

    Shock absorbers, pumps, filters, brake pads and brake disks by OPTIMAL are extremely popular among customers due to their quality and durability.Mission of the company is always being on the edge of modern technology, that is why, company is offering tailor made product line for hybrid and electric cars.




    More than 40 years since this company brand became a synonym for quality and reliability. Its’ top quality oils, lubricants and other technological fluids are widely known across the globe.Products, meet all existing norms and requirements including technical standards or environmental norms. Products are available in both: industrial and retail packing.



    Italian company LPR started operations in 50es of the last century, it is specialized in manufacturing of break pads and other brake system elements. Constantly growing catalogue accounts for more than 11 000 unique items, that enables company to cover at least 96% of worlds car models. LPR company is making brake pads for such famous and luxury brand such as FERRARI. Products undergo very strict tests ensuring extended quality and reliability.



    This brand is one of the most well known and reliable among shock absorber manufacturers. History of the company accounts for more than 100 years, creation and development of the company is linked to development of worlds automobile industry. Since 1926, MONROEs’ shock absorbers are perceived as etalon on the market, millions of customers worldwide rely on quality and experience of the company.


    Magneti Marelli

    This company as the member of FIAT group is known to world market since beginning of the last century. Its’ core business is automobile lighting and electric systems. Company supplies products to leader automobile brands across the globe.

    Magneti Mareli, together with other other leader companies is working on sophistication of board computer and creation of driver-less car.